About Us

The Casey Family Farm is run by Dennis and Lois Casey of Viola, Tennessee. We have lived in the Viola valley for the past 21 years. Our five children were fortunate enough to grow up in the foothills of Warren county, and now there is another generation growing up in these same foothills.

Dennis Casey has worked with beef and dairy cattle for the past 35 years. Our dream has been to have a small dairy like our grandparents had years ago. We want to produce high quality, rich milk that is as close to "from the cow" freshness as possible.
We have had Holstein, Jersey, and Guernsey cows throughout the years. Why not milk Holsteins like everybody else? We decided that our priority would be quality rather than quantity. Guernseys are very difficult to find, but they produce a unique, rich yellow milk that is high in beta carotene and butterfat. We started out with a Jersey herd, but obtained some registered Guernseys from farm sales. We were fortunate enough to have a Guernsey herd bull so that we could start to breed our own. Jerseys are hardy animals with an excellent butterfat. Our desire was to develop a hardier Guernsey herd that would produce rich milk. We have a small herd and we want to keep it that way. Each cow has access to pasture and/or hay year round, as well as grain and receives lots of individual attention. We believe that gives our milk a special, fresh taste that is very unique and different from what you will get in the store.
For more information on our pasteurization process, please click HERE.
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