Dennis and Lois Casey both had grandparents who had small dairies and sold milk to customers in town. The milk was just like Nature produced it - fresh, rich milk without additives or processing.

Our goal is to produce milk as close to Nature as possible. We pasteurize in a vat pasteurizer soon after milking, cool the milk quickly, and bottle it for sale. This gives a product that is very fresh.

We do not homogenize the milk or add any other substances because our goal is to provide pure, fresh milk. Because we do not homogenize the milk, you will need to shake the milk thoroughly before drinking. Before you shake it, you will see a thick, white cream at the top. That is heavy cream, which will separate from the whole milk. At the bottom, you will see skim milk. Some people like to use the cream in their coffee and drink the skim milk. Others love the rich taste of the golden, rich whole milk.
We sell half and whole gallons.
$3.50 for a half/$6.00 for a gallon
You can buy our milk at 231 Rolling Stone Lane Morrison, TN 37357.
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For more information on our pasteurization process, please click HERE.
~ Email or Call (931) 635 - 3031 to order ~
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