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Our Guernsey and Jersey cows come from an award winning blood line...
Casey Family Farm
 231 Rolling Stone Lane
Morrison, TN 37357

Phone: (931) 635-3031
Email: caseyfamilyfarm@gmail.com
For more information on our pasteurization process, please click HERE.
Fresh, Pasteurized Cream Line Milk
We have never used BST. Our priority has always been healthy, contented cows who produce a rich product - not production. Many cows which are pushed hard to produce and produce high amounts of milk burn out and do not last long in the herd. Our cows are more like members of the family and we do our best to take care of them. For that reason, if a cow needs antibiotic treatment, we treat them. We think that withholding antibiotics on a sick cow is cruel treatment. Antibiotics are not our first line of attack, but if all the natural methods are ineffective, the health of our cows will be our first priority.